Every 4 mins, for 32 mins (8 sets) for total load:

400 Meter Run
8 Shoulder to Overhead

The barbell should be taken from the ground. Note the load used and reps completed for each set, then total up the load successfully lifted over the course of the eight sets.

5 sets of:
Front Squat x 1.1.1
(rest 5-10 seconds between singles)

Rest as needed

Use the heaviest successful load from last week’s double.

For time:

50/35 Calories of Assault Bike (or Rowing)
50 Dumbbell Box Step-Overs 22.5/15 kg

“Beach Muscles”

In teams of 2, with only one partner working at a time, complete the following for time:
1600 Meter Relay Run (alternating 400 meters)

immediately followed by…

20 rounds (partners alternating full rounds) of…

4 Strict Supinated-Grip Pull-Ups
8 Ring Dips or Stationary Dips
12 Push-Ups
16 Air Squats

immediately followed by…
1600 Meter Relay Run (alternating 400 meters)

4 sets of:
Deadlift x 5 reps @ 70% of 1-RM Deadlift
(open your hands and reset at the bottom of every rep)

Rest as needed

For time:
1000 Meter Row
30 Power Cleans 60/42.5 kg
15 Bar Muscle-Ups

Every 3 mins, for 15 mins (5 sets):

Bench Press x 5 reps @ 75-80%

For time:
800 Meter Run
40 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
40 Ring Dips
800 Meter Run

5 sets of:
Front Squat x 2 reps

Rest as needed

Build over the course of the five sets to today’s heavy double.

For time:
75 Wall Ball  9/6 kg
50 Toes to Bar
50 Wall Ball
25 Toes to Bar
25 Wall Ball

EMOM for 3 Mins:

Press in Jerk Receiving Position x 5 reps

EMOM for 3 Minutes:

Jerk Balance x 3 reps

EMOM for 3 Minutes:

Hang Clean + 3 Front Squats

Every 2 mins, for 16 mins (8 sets) of:

Hang Clean + Jerk

Start around 65% of your 1-RM Clean & Jerk and build over the course of the 8 sets to something heavy for today.

Against a 3-minute running clock…

30/20 Calories of Assault Bike or Rowing
Max Reps of Burpees to Target 6′′ Above Standing Reac

Rest 3 minutes, and repeat for a total of three (3) sets.

For time:

25 Bar-Facing Burpees
25 Ground to Overhead 35/25 kg


3 rounds for time of:
30 Squats Cleans 42.5/30 kg
30 Pull-Ups
800 Meter Run

For Time in teams of 2

33.00 min CAP

2000m Row
1000m Row
100 T2B
500m Row
80 Double DB Ground to Overhead 15/10 kg

*Athletes must switch every 250m on Rower and split the work between the two in any way.

In teams of 2, with only one partner working at a time,
complete 3 rounds each for time of:
50 Wall Ball Shots 9/6 kg

3 sets of:
Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 reps each leg @ 3111
Rest while partner works
Single-Arm Dumbbell Row x 8 reps each arm @ 2111
Rest while partner works